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Services and Pricing

Phil Hurd, Catalyst Resumes LLC, has successfully completed the Best Business Practices course from the National Resume Writers' Association.
Member Professional Association of Resume Writers & Career Coaches

Hiring an Executive Resume Writer: Catalyst Resumes LLC

If you want to work with a professional executive resume writer to get a great resume and LinkedIn profile, you’ve come to the right place.

Most importantly, when you hire Catalyst Resumes, you’ll work directly with me, Phil Hurd.

Phil has a thorough process for uncovering what makes you unique as a candidate, highlighting the achievements that showcase that, and weaving it into a compelling narrative.  After working with him I not only had an effective resume that landed meaningful interviews, but a better sense of how I stood out in the talent market.

J.M., Regional Sales Director, software company

Firstly, I’m one of fewer than 100 people worldwide who hold the Nationally Certified Resume Writer (NCRW) certification from the National Résumé Writers’ Association. You should strongly consider hiring an NCRW, because this means your resume writing professional meets a high standard of professionalism and ethics. He/she demonstrates strong competence in modern resume strategies, design, writing for impact, style, compatibility with applicant-tracking systems, and—last but not least—grammar and English. It also means they’ve had their work critiqued and graded by a jury of senior resume writers, and they must pass this with an above-average rating. Additionally in 2021, I won the NRWA’s ROAR award for best resume in the Executive category.

Second, I’m one of the few NCRWs who’s also been a successful executive recruiter for more than 30 years. I know what hiring managers want to see in your resume.

And third, when you hire me to write your personal branding documents, you get me! I’m doing all the writing. While I do work with a professional proofreader and editor, I do all the interviewing and interfacing with you, and I write all the project content myself. Unlike many resume-writing services, I don’t front-end the project and then hand it off to a subcontractor to do the actual writing. You get direct access to my expertise as an executive resume writer.

Phil’s work stands in a class of its own. He is able to transform a jumbled mass of ideas into a world-class resume, highlighting the unique characteristics of the client. Phil’s work has been invaluable to my professional growth and to my being offered—and accepting—an exciting new job with a top tech company.

V.P., Technical Program Manager

To create a good resume and LinkedIn profile, it’s crucial to have good content. Hiring managers want to read about your accomplishments. You have done many things over your career. But is your resume just a dry list of facts? I will work with you to find out all the ways we can make you stand out.

Services and Products Available

  • Resume Professionally written resume targeted to your desired role(s). Focused on highlighting achievements within a pattern of career excellence. Designed for ATS compatibility.
  • LinkedIn ProfileHaving a proper LinkedIn profile is essential. Complete profile development, taking into account how to rank well with the latest LinkedIn search algorithms. You’ll show your professional brand in an appealing way. Your profile will stand out when recruiters are searching.
  • Cover letter/e-noteDesigned to introduce your accomplishments and motivations. “Is a cover letter really necessary these days?” Short answer: YES.
  • Executive/Speaker Biography A necessity if you are targeting board positions, speaking engagements, or otherwise want a one page summary of your professional brand and value.

Pricing for Executive Resume Writer Services

PROFESSIONAL (individual contributor, no project or people management)

Resume only$800
BRONZE packageResume, cover letter$900
SILVER package (most popular)Resume, LinkedIn profile$1100
GOLD packageResume, profile, cover letter$1200
PLATINUM packageResume, profile, executive/speaker bio$1400
The WORKSResume, profile, cover letter, bio$1500

LEADER/MANAGER (people, project, function, or program management)

Resume only$1000
BRONZE packageResume, cover letter$1125
SILVER package (most popular)Resume, LinkedIn profile$1350
GOLD packageResume, profile, cover letter$1475
PLATINUM packageResume, profile, executive/speaker bio$1700
The WORKSResume, profile, cover letter, bio$1825

EXECUTIVE (Director, Senior Director, VP, SVP, EVP, etc.)

Resume only$1250
BRONZE packageResume, cover letter$1400
SILVER packageResume, LinkedIn profile$1650
GOLD package (most popular)Resume, profile, cover letter$1800
PLATINUM packageResume, profile, executive/speaker bio$2050
The WORKSResume, profile, cover letter, bio$2200

C-Suite (C-Level, CxO, Board)

Resume only$1500
BRONZE packageResume, cover letter$1650
SILVER packageResume, LinkedIn profile$1900
GOLD packageResume, LinkedIn, cover letter$2050
PLATINUM package (most popular)Resume, profile, executive/speaker bio$2300
The WORKSResume, profile, cover letter, bio$2450

Returning client? Pricing for resume and profile updates varies depending on scope of work. Email Phil Hurd at for a custom executive resume writer quotation based on your needs.